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Technology of polymer-sand production

Technology of production

Polymer-sand product - a building material made of heat treated plastic and sand.
The incredible and unique technology of this product is that the raw materials used in the production of polymer-sand products are practically free - lying beneath our feet, and sometimes even clogging up our environment.
This polymer waste comes in various forms: packaging, plastic containers that have become unusable.
So why not use what people every day throw away for the beautification of their cottages, country houses?
The manufacturing of this product requires sand. It is used as a filler and should be dry sieved without clay and dust inclusions. It does not matter what color of sand and origin as the finished product of polymer-sand material passes through several stages of processing.
In the first stage a selected and sorted raw plastic material is crushed in a crusher machine. It is desirable to have a ratio of 50/50 of hard and soft polymers. The more uniform the mixed polymers and sand are, the better the product becomes.
After the first shredded waste plastics come into the extrusion machine (extruder), they are mixed under high temperatures.
Next, the desired dye is added. Dye is optional, without it the product obtained will be concrete grey.
Mixing sand, polymers and dyes occurs in the extrusion machine. Grinded polymer-mass is mixed with sand and dyes in different proportions depending on the product. For example, to create a tile - the ratio 24/75/1, for paving slabs - 5/94/1.
The last step is shaping the product.

The use of polymer-sand products increases the pace of construction: it eliminates the need for heavy machinery installation like mobile cranes and concrete mixers. There is no need to use water, which is essential when working with concrete, accelerating the assembly process. The kit includes all the pieces required for any project, with no extra fitting, or cutting needed.
Thus, the use of polymer mass can be for any form, but to date the construction market mainly demands pit rings, manholes, pavement tiles and roof tiles.


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